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4 May 2013

Rocky Times Ahead I Think

Vote share of the Anglesey Council elections makes for interesting reading:

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New Council
Independent    14
Plaid Cymru    12
Labour             3
Lib Dem           1

The Commissioners got the best and worst of their wishes I think.

They wanted some notorious obstructive and allegedly corrupt figures voting out. Bye bye certain individuals.

They wanted a strong party - Plaid now hold 12 of the 30 seats.

But most of all they wanted the number of Independents severely culling as the Commissioners saw that as one of the major problems because of their constant falling-out, bickering and inability to think of the good of the island as a whole as opposed to just their little bit. There are now 14 Independents out of 30 seats - which is far more than the Commissioners wanted and makes for a highly unstable council.

To be frank, I reckon as a result of the number of Independents this is probably the last County Council election and Anglesey will become part of Gwynedd within a couple of years. The Commissioners were adamant - screw up again and that's the end of you as a County. About the only thing that would stop that would be a very strong and formalised coalition of Plaid, Labour and one other. And I can't see that happening - or of it does then not lasting very long.


Anonymous said...

There's been an election!-like it or not the voters of Anglesey have chosen and the train is leaving the station-destination unknown.Amalgamation with Greater Gwynedd was a complete disaster last time-what's going to be different next time. We're NOT going to bed with that gang again!!

The Red Flag said...

The election creates the council - it does not dictate the future. The future is dictated by events.

The Welsh Government is not going to allow this council more than this chance. If it screws up just once then it is dead in the water and will be disbanded. Disbanding of it and amalgamation into Gwynedd has absolutely nothing to do with the people of Anglesey nor it's politicians - it merely takes the stroke of a pen by a Welsh Government Minister.

So that begs the question - do you believe that a council led by a group of independents with wildly diverse beliefs will last more than a year?

Take for instance the 4 big issues Wylfa B, Penrhos, Holyhead Marina, local housing. Some Independents have been specifically voted in on their opposition to some of those projects (Bob Llewelyn Jones for example romped home on his opposition to the Marina), whereas others are outspokenly and massively in favour. Some independents want a huge increase in affordable housing and social housing for rent, others want these schemes scrapped altogether or minimised dramatically.

If the ruling group cannot put a united front forward on these projects it will disentergrate - not might, will.

Many of the independents aren't really independent as such - they are party members who refuse to toe the line or have a particular axe to grind with their relevant party at local level and some will drift back to their home party over the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Marxism, Communism and its derivative, Socialism, when seen years later in practice, are nothing but state-capitalism and rule by a privileged minority, exercising despotic and total control over a majority which is left with virtually no property or legal rights. This explains why the Rothschilds’ were so interested in funding these ideologies, which would subsequently develop into, “democracy,” a system of the two party state in which both parties are controlled by the same force, and whilst they may squabble over insignificant issues, to give the impression of opposing one another, they actually follow the same basic ideology, which is why the inhabitants of democracies soon discover that it doesn't matter who they vote for, nothing ever changes.

The Red Flag said...

we don't live in a two party state and the conspiracy theories concerning the Rothschilds are as a rule the lurking places of far-Right fuckwits. They are just extremly shrewd and succesful inner-core bankers.

Anonymous said...

"This is, in theory, still a free country, but our politically correct, censorious times are such that many of us tremble to give vent to perfectly acceptable views for fear of condemnation. Freedom of speech is thereby imperiled, big questions go undebated, and great lies become accepted, unequivocally as great truths." -- Simon Heffer 7 June 2000

The Red Flag said...

We do not live and never have lived in a free country. Likewise we do not and never have had free speech nor even the right to it. Only halfwits believe otherwise. To quote a clown like the Mail's Heffer - who gets so much basic political history wrong - is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I found this very interesting Red whats your take on this I think theres a wee bit more to just
being extremly shrewd and succesful inner-core bankers as you put it.


The Red Flag said...

Load of conspiracy theorist bollocks.

Business exists to take advantage of situations, exploit weaknesses and destroy competitors. That's exactly what the Rothschilds have done.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how you could read the link in 4,mins Red you should check things out like me then make a clear unbiased judgement or you will look silly.

The Red Flag said...

I have read enough coinspiracy garbage concerning the Rothschilds to sink a battleship. I brief look at the link - synsgogue.of.satan reveals 90% of what you can expect and the opening paragraphs confirm it.

This is the usual bilge of the Jews didn't exist until the 8th century when in fact they are documented in Roman scripts from centuries before and also other places.

You are starting to display neo-nazi tendencies and if you continue I will delete all your posts and forward your IP to Special Branch and the Israeli Embassy.