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11 Sep 2012

How To Watch Every EPL Match (or any senior league match in Europe or the Americas). Or Most Other Major Sporting Events From Around The World. Free.

I came across this little nugget about 2 years ago.  And it works.

1. Install the browser Google Chrome.

2. Look in the top right (your right) corner and you will see a spanner.

3. Click on the spanner and select 'tools'.

4. Click on extensions

5. At the bottom right (as you look at it) you will see 'Get More Extensions >>'. Select this.

6. In the search box type 'Live Sports' and search. 

7. Click on 'Live Sports' and then click on install. (it may download to a holding file in the bottom left as you look at it, in which case as soon as it's finished click there, but mostly it will install itself)

8. A small football will then appear in the top right (as you look at it). Click on that, select 'live stream' and reset the clock to GMT and it will list all the live games available all over europe and other places. 

You may occasionally need to install other programmes or the link you pick will only work on Explorer (in which case cut and paste the URL into Explorer), but you will always get every EPL match (or any other). Sometimes you will only be able to find it with foreign commentary and sometimes you will get it in English. You'll get about thirty links and you may have to look through a lot of them to get what you want. You will also get most La Liga matches, Greek matches, Italian matches and French matches as well as top matches from South America.

Google Chrome is actually far more secure browser than Internet Explorer so the risks of virus are considerably less, but you should have decent virus/spyware programmes and run sweeps regularly as a matter of course.

The quality will also depend on the speed of your internet connection. If you have super-speed and have a modern HD TV, consider connecting your PC to the TV via the PC socket on the side/ back.

Cut and paste the above into a document and save it for future reference.

Good watching.


Anonymous said...

What's the score on getting free porno.?

The Red Flag said...

If you need help finding free porn on the internet then I would suggest that the internet is above your intellectual capacity.

Kim Jong Ill said...

Epic come back Red flag

King Luca said...

Thanks. It's now called "Live Sports". They can no longer use the word: "Chrome". 

From their plugin page: 
*** Attention ***Live Sports is the new name of Chrome Live Football
We change the name because we need to follow Google Branding Guidelines.

The Red Flag said...

You are quite correct and I have amended the post accordingly.