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26 Jul 2012

The Big Fat Lie

There is a blog I sometimes read called zerohedge  (you can find it in my sidebar).    Basically it's a blog where traders and those sorts of people discuss what is happening in the various bourses around the world and sometimes post very good explanations of financial things that we mortals usually don't understand.   Of course this attracts comments and this below is one of the best comments I have ever seen on it. It apparently originated from the Daily Telegraph:-


Well the last two years have gone well - not. Probably the weather and  Royals fault.

“The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.?" 
(Joseph Goebbels, Nazi,  12 January 1941.)

The Big Fat Lie.
It was not the picking of your pocket at the petrol pumps, or the deluge of Bob Diamond’s created by the systemic manipulation of interest rates to rob your mortgage; nor was it the banks and their casino business practices paid for by borrowing other people’s pensions.

It is not the idle undeserving rich who own 90% of the wealth despite only paying a fraction in taxes if any at all.
It's not the PFI goldmine that changes your PAYE wage deductions into profits for people who don’t pay taxes at all.  

It's not all our politicians who were bought by big business years ago and deregulated, privitised, asset stripped and privitised public profit with one hand while socialising private loss with the other.  

It's not the closing of factories and movement of jobs to prisoners on £7 a week that is so good for shareholder value.  Neither is it their cheerleading championing of the gambling addicted banks.   

It's not the media’s corruption and obsequious brown-nosing of their neo-liberal masters, nor their rapacious pursuit of the poor, downtrodden, disabled, the Dowler’s or a derelict underclass.

No the Big Fat Lie is that it was YOUR fault people.  And by and large you accept it.

You are lazy. Addicted to welfare. Demotivated to take up the hundreds of thousands of full-time high paying jobs that employers have to offer.  It's also the immigrants fault because they are easy to spot on the whole and even easier to scapegoat as 20th century history  warns us.  The fact that patriotic knight-hooded business is systemically driven to cut costs and that makes immigrants cheaper than you is ignored (as is the link between cheap labour in our prisons and youth unemployment).  No, you would be cheering their good economic sense if you were a shareholder - but you're not. 

However, if you are in work, caught in the poverty trap of low pay and reducing housing benefit, making the rational economic decision that you are better off on benefits, it is a scar on YOUR soul not a shaming testament to the poverty wages paid by your non-dom boss. 

What is more too much red tape and health and safety rules are preventing our glorious ascension into neo-liberalhood. We don’t need rules! Look how the lack of rules have empowered our papers to spy on you and have allowed our banks and financial services to use Adam Smith’s invisible dead hand to pick your pocket. No Rules for Business!

No people the Big Fat Lie is that it is you who are ENTIRELY at fault - you little people. Your benefits are far too high, we need to drive them down to third world levels to make you competitive in the global market place.  Also you voted for (- insert any party you hate here -) and they have destroyed our economy with their (- insert your very own cretinus world view here -   just blame the 'other side' when  in fact all are culpable. -).

Not only that, it is Europe that has beggared us as it was the French were personally responsible for Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns.  The fact that the German and Scandinavian generous welfare model has not stopped them from becoming the richest countries in Europe is hushed and shushed; it will never work here! 

What about foreign aid?  Well, it does costs a fortune to sell all those arms to dictatorships not to mention the UK aid to the USA via Trident; the Americans want top dollar for those missiles. £130,000,000,000 is on the table; but at least we have saved £2.50 on the Red Button - that’s still & will remain in Washington.

And what about the disabled’s unreasonable demands to have access to a job like at Remploy? They need a dose of cold reality to teach them a lesson for their tax draining ways; after all there is plenty of water in drought burdened Britain to put them out when they set themselves alight outside of the Jobcentre.  

Yes you little people, it is your fault and your unreasonable demands for some crumbs from the rich man’s table; now you must pay with your pensions, services, jobs, wages, hospitals and - now that we can read every email/bog/post/text/telephone call - your hard won freedoms too.

No their truth is that we need to funnel even more money from the bottom to the top to pay bankrupt Zombie banks billions in UNSECURED loans so they can stagger on until they have eaten your grandchildren’s pensions too.  To achieve this we need to stop the poor from going to university (fees/loans) or receiving training (EMA).  We need to make the disabled compete “on a level playing field” in the job market, scrap funding for libraries and council run crèches.   Stop the unemployed and 8 out of 10 Housing Benefit receivers who are in employment from living in social housing, push them into the landlord’s greedy hands rather than capping the inflated  “what the market will bear”  rents.   Once upon-a-time if you were looking for work you got on your bike until you found some, now you have to work for your dole and sleep under a bridge.

We have our Trident at least with all those weapons pointing at and protecting us from umm? Erm? Err?   What’s more our military industrial complex needs your taxes to invade foreigners and stealth bomb them from the Medieval back into the Neolithic.  We have been at war forever it seems.  War on communists, war on the Vikings over some Cod, war on drugs, war on Argentinians, war with Serbs, war with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan (again), war on terrorists, war on wedding parties for some reason; and more to come because the poisoned wells of the Holy Land are still thirsty for more blood for their oil.  Welfare is too expensive!  But death from above is not cheap either.  Still its so far away we can forget about it can we not? 10 years in Afghanistan.  No more public funerals, just shuffle the fallen off to their (soon to be private PFI) scrounging council subsidised resting places.

And what about those scrounging public sector workers with their gold-plated pensions?  Retired Dinner Ladies striding the earth like titans; there coffers creating a cacophony of clinking cash.  Care Assistants retiring to the South of Italy to live la dolce vita. Ambulance drivers downsizing to Devon to open a cheese farm. Don’t forget to spit in their faces and tell them how they have ruined Britannia as the Paramedic scrapes you off the pavement; the surgeon who saves your life, the nurse who knows your needs, who mops your brow.  Tell them you want to go private. And if BUPA don’t do an ambulance, make sure a clause is put into your will saying all mourners must slag off the bejewelled, gilded council gravediggers as they lower you into the deep cool earth. No little people! Close those newly bankrupt hospitals, make expensive teachers redundant, pay for a two week elite sport money pit to keep the rich entertained as they have all the VIP seats and VIP roads to get to them quickly - you can always watch among the dog turds in the park.

So, why do they lie?  

Because the problem is not us its the systemic failure of capitalism.  Because it is based on greed and exploitation. Because they know the price of everything and the value of nothing.  Because they are a class of rich expensively  educated out of touch toffs who profess to be sympathetic to ordinary people but nurse a deep antipathy to anyone who dare question their self serving oligarchy.  Actually they are afraid that we will wake up and flex our democratic rights and vote them all into oblivion. So afraid they want to read every Tweet, email, blog, telephone and anything else they can get their hands on and jail you for a bad airport joke.  If you steal a bottle of water its HMP Scumsink (sponsored by G4S) if you rob millions it’s a knighthood and a place in the Royal Box at the Olympics.

So little people, don't be old, don't be ill, don't be a reader, don't be unemployed - or employed, don't aspire to improve yourself physically and mentally, don't live in your own place - or rent, don’t send your kids to a comprehensive in fact don't have kids - especially disabled kids - as you can't afford them under the ConDems (or Labour or whoever - it matters not, they all sup from the same teat).   Do go to public school, do use off-shore accounts to defraud your neighbors, do clear the streets of scum in London so you can get to the Olympic stadium quicker, do buy private medicine, do blame Europe, immigrants, lefties,  the unions and scrounging feral council house skanks. It's their fault that we lost the money, yes it's their fault that we lost the money; yes definitely, unquestionably, its YOUR fault people that we lost all the money. Thus goes the numbskull doublethink chant from the dumbskull tongues of our media and political masters.

Why do our politicians and media have no answers? Where is the dissent? The dialectical argument? The counter point in the press? The equitable exchange of ideas for improvement?

No. None of that please. Shut up at the back!

They are struck blind; reduced to repeating and rehearsing old lies to themselves in the dark; drunk on the delightful dull-dazzel of their own devious, demonic, diatribe. Their mouths are so stuffed with neo-liberal gold that they are speechless; dumb; duped and deranged. When they do manage to spit and curse at us for our spendthrift, wasteful ways, all they have to offer is lies, lies, self serving lies…..

"The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly. The rich have always objected to being governed at all."
G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)

"Real rich people figure out how to dodge taxes."
(George W. Bush, 2004)

”We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes”
(Leona Helmsley, property heiress)


Anonymous said...

wooooooooo loving it

Prometheuswrites said...

This is a good site for summaries of other sources like Zerohedge, Bloomberg, Speigel, etc


(also see 'Ozymandias' by Percy Bysshe Shelley)

Anonymous said...
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The Red Flag said...

I have removed the content of the above post - it is anti-semitic nonsense posted by some sort of knob.

IP address harvested.

Anonymous said...

I much prefer the work's of A.K.Chesterton.

"He tilted at windmills and sharpened his skills as a controversialist while the Great Depression deepened and the bankruptcy of liberal and capitalist democracy became apparent. The corporate state, he came to believe, would rule in the interests of the whole nation, whereas democracy was the plaything of special interests and privilege."
Dont yer love it!!!

Anonymous said...

You're sounding a tad obsessive and are displaying 'stalker-like' tendencies!
I recommend a good Jewish shorink....one who specialises in Neanderthals!!