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14 Jul 2011

The Fat Of The Land

Tesco Jeans Modelled By Lady Ga-Ga. Possibly

As is known, the NHS costs a fortune.  

It is a noble and just thing and something we should proudly flaunt in the faces of every country on the planet.  It has revolutionised this country leading to a longer-living population who rightly no longer fear the consequences contracting a serious illness and the grinding poverty that would inflict on not just themselves but also their families.  The life-expectancy of someone in this country is higher than the two beacons of capitalism America and Hong Kong - which shows the effectiveness of socialised medicine.

But unfortunately something is causing it severe problems. Obesity.

It is true to say obesity is an affliction of wealth to such an extent that we in the west now live in an age where - for the first time in history - the poor are fatter than the rich along with the dramatic increase in Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer that obesity entails. It is even recognised as a disability.

This obesity problem is spreading into eastern europe but not for much longer it seems.  Hungary is about to vote in taxation on foodstuffs based on the sugar, salt and saturated fat content.  This tax will go straight to it's health service and will come into effect from 01 September. (Now if I was clever I would be able to make up a million puns about Hungary and fat people.  But I'm not so I won't)

I'll drink to that.


Robert said...

The world and the country is changing, I do not know if it's climate change or whether it's God,(I do not believe) but in Africa we have stavation due to no rain, here we have so much waste.

In my youth we had three meals aday we did not have much to snack on, if we saw some fruit it was mostly shock.

Sweets were to some degree rationed because of sugar shortage, gosh showing my age now.

Today even in my house hold everything is fast food shove it in the oven or in the Microwave.

We seem to have lost the ability to shop or cook.

In again my youth my garden was full of veg and food since if you did not you could not aford to live.

I just think people now see Mcdonalds less a treat and more a way of living.

Anonymous said...

EU subsidies for the production of saturated fat,their farming policies are killing the poor.Far better to subsidy land based fish farms.