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13 May 2011

Two Cans And A Piece Of String

Paul Williams (Anglesey Druid) signalling the announcement by Plaid's IWJ that 
he will stand-down as party leader to his information-starved fellow Island bloggers

As many will have noticed Google Blogger has been performing bizarrely the last couple of days including a shutdown of the 'comments' area all day today and even entire pages vanishing whereabouts still not known

Luckily Google have prepared emergency packs should there ever be a repetition (demonstrated above by Paul Williams aka Anglesey Druid).


Prometheuswrites said...


Indeed. And it's all been happening in Anglesey, Gwynedd and Cardiff while blogger was down.

IWJ stands down, Bryan Owen stands up, and 'WAG' stands aside as the 'new' Welsh Government does a phoenix act.

Paul Williams said...

Just as well Rhostrehwfa is on top of a hill...!

the outsider said...

and I thought it was the secret police at work - just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you!

Raul Capeda said...

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