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4 May 2011

The Day Is Nearly Upon Us

So, the great day is a matter of hours away.

I'm not going to bang on about party politics - just a few thoughts. Neither the LibDem nor Labour candidate impress me in the slightest. The Druid (Paul Williams) is a good bloke however I think he will be unable to be as 'maverick' once elected and the whips get to grips with him. IWJ the incumbent is a grey man's grey man. Probably a very good bureaucrat but a dreadful charisma. I will be voting though as I believe it is my duty as a citizen (or is that 'subject' in a Principality of a Realm?) to make the effort to vote and if needs be vote for who I find least worst. For the 'list' I will vote Green solely because we are deluding ourselves that someone 50 years down the line can sort out the mess we are making now - it's our mess, we sort it. As for Constituency I have picked my Candidate. It's for a stupid reason but it's as good as any.

So, what I am more concerned with is the Referendum. I shall be voting 'Yes'. Not because I have any great love of AV because I don't - STV is vastly superior, but because it's a step in the right direction and if we don't take this first small step now, it won't be offered again for decades. The hardest step will be the first one. Anyone reading this, even if you aren't intending to vote, make the effort to go and vote 'Yes' in the referendum. Final arguments for a 'Yes' can be read in today's Independent .

Finally, my predictions.

IWJ to retain his seat. Tories and Labour very close to each other for runners-up. Turn-out mid 50's, Labour to take overall control of the Welsh Assembly, UKIP and Green to pick up a seat each.

In the council elections in England Labour to take over 1,000 seats.

In Scotland the SNP to come very close to a majority at Holyrood - possibly even getting it, with the Labour vote to be severely reduced (unlike in England & Wales where it will go up quite considerably from last year).

Sadly, 'No' to win the referendum but not by any where near the margins the pollsters are stating. Nor will it bring down the Coalition. The LibDems are shattered at the polls because they propped up Cameron and the last thing they want is a General Election - they will be annihilated, so they will continue propping-up Cameron and Cameron knows it.

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